Website Designing – First Things First

A Cape Town based website design business that recognises there are a number of steps to take before website designing and building can begin. What is imperative for us all to know is a clear understanding of who you are, what you are offering, what you want to achieve and who your potential customers are. For some business owners this is a daunting task and often leads to procrastination.

Emmie’s Web Design offers a coaching service to move beyond the ‘stuckness’ and discover all that you need to get the foundation of your business laid out. Then we can move on to create a beautifully designed, authentic website for marketing your business and your new clients.

Potential clients will most likely check you out on the web before they make contact with you.  First impressions are very important and usually the deciding factor as to whether people buy or not.

If you have a poorly designed website or no web presence at all, the chances are they won’t get in touch with you and you will lose the sale to someone else.

Which Looks More Enticing?

This one?

Or this one?

The Planning …

There are practical steps for website designing, including a lot that goes on behind the scenes.  Setting up everything in an ordered and structured way makes it easier to use, easier to find on search engines and easier to maintain. Equally as important is the security that is required to make the site safe.

When we decide to work together we can setup a meeting and talk through exactly what you require.  I personalise your website so the essence of you can shine through.  This is really important as it shows your prospective clients exactly who they are dealing with. Remember these days people tend to buy from people! It is certainly a large portion of their decision making process.

Contact us today to set up a meeting.

Layout, Content & Design

Website Building & Design

A well thought out layout for your website is essential.

You want your potential clients to enjoy the experience of your site.

I will guide you as to what is required to make it succinct and friendly.

I will also take the time to understand you, so that your site reflects who you are.

Other Things To Consider As Added Extras

  1. Integrate newsletter/sign-up list capability.
  2. Create a booking form to understand exactly what area of your business the client is interested in.
  3. To you have products to sell? In which case maybe we will need to implement an online e-commerce shop.
  4. Install Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to make your products findable in search engines.
  5. Links social media engines – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc.
  6. Integrate Google Analytics to see how website is performing.

Website Management

Your stunning website is built, so now what? It will need to be maintained monthly as updates continually need to be uploaded and content will need to be refreshed on occasion too. I am sure this sounds very unfriendly and you would really prefer to be working on your business. Website management is the way forward!

Website Building & Design



There is a monthly charge for website management – to update the site and to make small content changes. This enables you to concentrate on the important things in life and know your site is in safe hands. We also offer this service to sites that haven’t been built by me so feel free to contact us to enquire on this. You are free to do what you are good at and now you can relax!